Medie, Ghana


To work in collaboration with all kind-hearted people to transform the lives of needy and vulnerable children.

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The Meyah Preparatory School was established in Medie in the Ga West Municipality of Greater Accra region of Ghana in the year 2004 after the retirement of principal Moses Emerson from the army in 2000 and subsequent relocation to Medie.

A majority of inhabitants of Medie are settler farmers whose farm lands have been badly degraded by the activities of sand winning (the digging of sand from the earth mainly for building construction). Presently most of their livelihood depends upon either cracking stones at the quarries or buying and selling of fresh corn brought in by middlemen from other farming areas. It is sometimes pathetic to see some of these children helping their parents at the stone quarries or winning sand. Some of the little girls take to prostitution, due to neglect, where they are often abused. Sometimes these women, with babies strapped at their back, are seen carrying corn from other communities for small fees to make their living.

The plight of these people is not different from the situation Moses Emerson experienced in other conflict areas in the African continent, such as Rwanda, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Moses was so moved when he saw little children with tremendous talent and potential being wasted just because of the situation in which they found themselves. Moses therefore decided to do something in his small way to alleviate the situation, hence the idea to establish a school to forestall evil-minded elements from taking advantage of the children’s plight like what is happening in other parts of Africa.


-       Provide quality pre-school education for the vulnerable and physically challenged children of Medie and its environs.

-       Help the peasant folk to fulfill their responsibilities of providing education for their children.

-       Provide education programs that will give parents a chance and choice to fulfill their responsibilities to their children.

-       To serve as a training base for children of school-going age by providing an educational environment where academic excellence and social responsibility are assured.

-       To lay a solid foundation for leadership in the home, community and the nation as a whole through the provision of sound and quality education.

-       Molding children to acquire good, beneficial, and acceptable standards of living with basic values of morality providing the children with what it takes to lead the next generation.


-       Value education of children

-       Committed to the welfare of children


      Create a conducive and enabling environment for the training of children

-       Education and train the children to bring out their natural latent talents through creativity, cultural activities, etc.


-       Create a disciplined environment for the training and education based upon our cultural values

-       Train and educate these children to become leaders and models in our communities

-       To train them to be conscious of the plight of their community and how to be their brothers’ keeper

-       Discipline the children through social activities such as in self-defense, cultural activities, drumming and dancing, etc.

-       Strive to achieve academic excellence

-       Train the children to have self-confidence in themselves in order to prove their worth


-       The school needs additional structures

-        We need to improve our existing water and sanitation facilities

-       Lack of teaching and learning materials

-       No recreational materials and equipment

-       Needs to combine different categories of children in the school, such as handicapped, vulnerable and kids with single parents

-       The inability of most parents to pay the meager school fees from which the school can use part to engage in upgrading of facilities

-       Most of the children are from needy homes with single parents who are not able to provide for their educational needs

-       The inability of some parents to pay the meager lunch fees to enable us to feed the children

-       Some parents’ inability to buy simple learning materials for their children


Appeal for sponsorship from charitable organizations, individuals, etc. for the provision of:

-       2 units of 3 classroom structures for nursery and lower primary school with an office and dining hall

-       Teaching and learning materials for over 120 children of school-going age

-       Gifts-in-kind (i.e. pharmaceuticals and medical supplies for health screening and first aid materials, clothing and footwear, books and recreational materials)

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We are grateful for your support! No assistance is too small.

This video was taken at the Meyah Preparatory School, where in addition to their regular studies students learn traditional African drumming and dance. The teacher who is seated and playing drums is Alfred Kpebesaane, who donates his time to teach the children each week.


Medie, Ghana 



1. Exercise Books (297 x 210mm) & Workbooks

2. Writing & Drawing Materials  (Freework Pencils, Posters, Powder Colours, Crayons, Rulers, etc.)

3. Loose-leaf Notebooks (229 x 178mm) & (203 x 165mm)

4. Files - Exercise Book Covers (229 x 178mm) & Lever Arch (297 x 210mm)

5. Instructional Calculators

6. Class Resource Materials – Mini Chalkboards, etc. 

7. Office Supplies & Adhesives

8. Phonic Alphabetic Cards

9. Language Skills Development Materials

10. Play Equipment

11. Creative Development Materials

12. Activity Furniture

13. Markers/Boards

14. Used Home Clothes & Footwear

15. Legos

Moses Emerson, his wonderful wife Yao Agbodra-Hussey and family
Meyah Preparatory School

P.O. Box AM 11


Ga - West Ghana

Within Ghana call: 0208-091-667

Outside Ghana call: +233-208-091-667

To make a donation or for more information, please email

We are grateful for your support!

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